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Birthdate:Oct 13
Location:Texas, United States of America
I am a 28 year old college grad who lives in Texas. Originally from Washington state, I have been writing and posting fanfiction under various usernames since 2000. I have finally found the pen name that sticks best (hilariously, the first one I ever used) and hope to eventually finish the stories I've posted online. You may remember me as The Batpig-Sexgod, The BPSG, or Lord Batpig on places like Mediaminer, DeviantArt, Freedom of Speech FanFiction, Livejournal, or the Zone. I no longer post to any of those sites, so if you see my work anywhere that isn't an anonymous meme, or listed below, please let me know. I am also active on Tumblr,,, ArchiveOfOurOwn, and HogwartsIsHere, and sometimes make playlists for my fics on Spotify because reasons. Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like to chat or just share fic recs. I miss being part of fandom.

I prefer to go by "Sid" or "Osi" online. I come from the Your Kink Is Not My Kink And That's Okay school of thought and proudly believe in the Don't Like, Don't read mentality. I have feelings about diversity and writing stats, and sometimes lose myself in the statistical analysis of that like the left-brain loser I am; after all, you can't manage what you don't measure and what you don't manage, you don't care about. While I'm too old and too tired to be stanning and getting riled up about stuff on the internet anymore, I sometimes have a bad tendency of hearing "you can't do that" as a formal writing challenge because Context Matters and this is fiction, y'all. Anything can be written if you think hard and write well; do your research, be respectful in your portrayal of your topic/themes, and don't use your narrative to shit on people.
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